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Payara Platform 5.191 has arrived!

06 Mar 2019

Today we're happy to announce our latest release for the Payara Platform 5. 191!

Payara Platfrom 5.191 - Download Here

New Release Highlights

With the release of 5.191, we welcome the return of the Help Docs. Oracle recently donated GlassFish to the Eclipse Foundation along with the rest of Java EE, and that includes the help documentation. Thanks to their donation, we can use and update the help docs again for the Payara Platform.

40+ bug fixes
15+ improvements/enhancements
Security updates
35+ component upgrades

Also in this release, MicroProfile 2.1 updates OpenTracing to 1.2, bringing with it skip patterns, operation name providers, and a couple of extra usability improvements such as no longer tracing the other MicroProfile endpoints (e.g. /health). 

We've gone a step further than this though and (sort of) implemented OpenTracing 1.3 to prepare us for our inevitable support of MicroProfile 2.2! OpenTracing 1.3 brings instrumentation options for MicroProfile Rest Clients. It's worth noting that we don't support Rest-Client 1.2 in this release (even though that's what OpenTracing 1.3 is targeted at), which is why I clarified my implementation statement with "sort of"; OpenTracing 1.3 doesn't rely on Rest Client 1.2 features, so we can still instrument the clients without supporting the spec required version.

View the full release notes for details here.

As always, all feedback is welcomed and appreciated!